Selecting New Tires and Wheels

August 26, 2018

Some of us Poplar Bluff drivers just love tires. All those little rubber hairs on new tires and the smell is wonderful. We live in a great time for tires. No matter how you drive around Missouri, where you want to go or the look you're after; there is a tire for you.The same is true about wheels.... More

Automotive Tips from Charlie's Fast Lube Poplar Bluff: When to Replace a Damaged Tire

August 19, 2018

Repair or Replace? Thats a question Poplar Bluff drivers ask when they have tire damage. Some punctures cannot be repaired because of their size or location. Punctures larger than a quarter of an inch (6.4 mm) are considered too large to be safely repaired. Punctures in the sidewall or near the s... More

Fuel Injector Cleaning at Charlie's Fast Lube Poplar Bluff

August 12, 2018

In very simple terms, a fuel injector is a valve that squirts fuel into your vehicle engine. Your engine control computer tells the fuel injector how much fuel to deliver as well as the precise time it should be delivered. Of course this happens thousands of times a minute in every single fuel-i... More

Time Out: Suspension Problems in Poplar Bluff

August 7, 2018

Your vehicle's suspension system has two jobs: to prevent the passengers from getting tossed around inside the vehicle every time it hits a bump in the road and to keep the tires firmly planted on the road around every corner and over every bump.To see your suspension system, you'll have to look... More